Friday, June 27, 2008


As I MUSED over my thoughts , a persistent feeling kept creeping . Lil' did I understand what it was, till I saw my 9 month old sleep by my side. Eureka ! its her SMILE !! Oh, she Smiled in her sleep over and over again Very contagious indeed! I kept smiling back at her, did not matter even if she was asleep. And then, I realised that one curve ,can bring about more curves and more and more curves :)))))
That persistent feeling was about GIVING away a lil' Extra of Myself. I needed to Vent out.. Why did I hold back? Is it such an effort to release kind words of appreciation, without any occassion? Or does my 'I'( egocentric) need a dash of flattering speech, untill my very own 'I' can Express its innocence?
I could have parted with an extra HUG to my daughters, Some more warm gestures to my loved ones, Few Kind words to my staff, a Lil compassion to mother nature ....and not forgetting having thanked the Almighty once again, more deeply to have added one more day in my Life, to ...LEARN, ACKNOWLEDGE and IMPLEMET the Lessons being taught to me in their own Beautiful ways.
I Learn today that its 'ALL IN A SMILE' ...and it takes, just YOU to follow ur heart , though leave the 'I' behind , there I go...FOLLOWING MY HEART ... but I shall take it, ONE DAY AT A TIME!