Friday, July 25, 2008

In ThE EnD ...

As a child, I loved to indulge my self in the fantasy of Fairy Tales ... build my world around them. As time flew, in some corner of my mind they dwelled, and I forgot that the seed of my fantasy world was sown, and it would reap. My world became a reflection of my fairly tale stories compelling me to believe in a parallel world! But like every story has an end, I feared that mine would come to cease..and it did ...only to unfold itself into a beam of Reality . The child in me grew into an adult , witnessing the bitter truths of life, from the pain of sweet romance to a real marriage being a mother ....yet striving to be an individual . Life, so full of Opportunities, is by default a CHOICE that one makes ..My story of fairly tales did come to an end, but brought me close to LIFE who with its every end brings about a NEW BEGINING!
And now..I still see a new story ( a world of fantasy ) in the eyes of my kids!.. wonder y mine came to an end? am I no longer a Child ...atleast at heart?