Monday, July 21, 2008


Everything, that we are attached to ( apparent) is connected to our Heart . Name it... Friends, Spouse, Children, Family, Memories, Dreams and materially speaking all that is an extension of US. The Heart, so fragile is burdened by the strings of it all...and is entwined by the web of our created emotions . A lil' trigger, and falls a tear that comes straight from the heart! And then, there is a flood of the pent up hurt ...the unspoken words and painful memories ...sometimes its the void of those sweet moments which now only exist in nostalgia, the echo of those long conversations which u can hear when u lay alone...a blend of highs and lows, waiting to corner the Heart. Yes, U are brutally on your own, listening to the mourning of ur own cries, burning in the fire of ur own with a Heart, without its Beat. Why would u stay there?...why would u just be ? The Heart pleads to be be loved , to feel secure! The Heart urges, to LIVE again, to smile, to play!.Do not dismiss what it tells u, it whispers to self "Know that u can ...MEND UR OWN HEART!"