Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I & Me

I feel like a guest, on my Own Blog!. It has been nearly four years that I created a post here. Not that, I didn't want to write, nor that I didn't have the time. Then what happened? I believe, 'I' happened:).
Who, I..what & why?
Introducing the ' I' :
I, me, myself..& all that:)  soo much happened, is happening. And, while it is & was happening..the 'I' got soo absorbed in the happening, that it forgot a world of emotions other than my Own, does Exist. Then, I looked beyond the "I"..
Yes, I Took my Blog for granted. Just like I sometimes(yaa, ok at more times:p) do take my closest ones for granted. Don't we do that? I do it..
I sleep thinking that I would wake up, that I will get a good morning hug from my kids, that my rose in my garden will bloom, that mom will call in the morning, that I will hear the "love you". That I will get a "good morning" text from my best friend.
Hmm..that I will keep breathing tomorrow! And then, I wake up...thinking that I will call that friend that I haven't for a while, that I Will return the mail, etc etc..
If I don't take tomorrow for granted, would I have waited to write on my blog for four years? Would I be a miser while showering those kisses to kids? Or would I choke them with oodles of more? And, all THOSE who exist in MY "WILL"? Would I not tell them "All" that I loved them to bits? (Including me) I would. I Am - NOW. Trust me, I wasn't procrastinating. "I" was only taking Life for granted..
I hear "ME" and, you??