Monday, June 30, 2008

I Luvvv CraZZZyy!!!!

Here is how I go 'Crazy ' works both ways , when CRAZY makes me HAPPY , when CRAZY makes me SAD !! ....

* Creating Crazy ideas to make crazy blog posts :)
* Driving in the rains with a hitch in my Car breaks :)
* Fighting over the last piece of chocolate with my 5 yr old daughter :)
* Forgetting that I m Th....(oops my age!) :)
* Whistling in the movie theatre when the scenes can not contain me :)
* When the Camera is looking at me, and I got to think of a new pose and smile:)
* When I cannot decide what to wear :(
* When My calls are not answered :(
* When my Bday is forgotten :(
* When my lipstick wears off :(
* When I drop the mayyonaise while eating a burger :(
* Everytime I' m heard when I m talking in SILENCE:)
* To see my two dolls ( daughters) bonding :)
* To be in matching colours as a family fr an accassion :)
* GALS night OUT :)
* Doing Salsa :)
* Reconnecting with old friends and making new :)
* Being IN LOVE :).....WITH LIFE !!


Parinda said...

n someone is really at it... i love this one. Its very me :))))

Anonymous said...

Hi I stumbled on your blog while surfing, im a blog critic by choice.I choose to be annonymous , because people get very viscious when ctitiqued.
I hope you dont go crazy when someone ctiticizes your blog :(.
Looking forward to reading your blogs:).

Crazy Critique :)

Avni said...

Hey Pari! wonder u and me are soo thick and crazzy :))!

Avni said...

Hi Anonymous,
As long as u shout that u r Crazzy , u r welcome to criticize my blog - fair ??
Thanx fr stumbling by..