Thursday, August 14, 2008

CoMfOrTabLy NuMb

Yes, I've been in my comfort zone lately ...actually, I thought I talked too much, and was way too vocal of every emotion that I felt. I decided to stay quiet untill I came across something which suggested 'The Power of EMOTIONS'. And to my rescue, the matter said that people who do not voice their emotions, who rather escape and do not witness how they feel to the fullest are emotionally NUMB!
"Thank God, I told myself, someone understands how I feel! " And who wants to be NUMB ?..Nah, not me! And there I start to the universe :)
I know I m ONLY thirty! ( oops, yes i said 'ONLY' )but thats how I FEEL EMOTIONALLY:!And I 've come to believe that the ones that are emotionally expressive
are the ones who do live life to the fullest! My BEST friend Jini says so rightly '" ONE LIFE,AV "!! Ok, all I m trying is, to suggest that its not such a bad thing to EXPRESS, infact why pent up ? How much does it take to Feel,Acknowledge, and Release the triggers? The only risk factor is that the Angry emotions will Break a Head or TWO :p! But the Happy ones will bring more happiness ,smiles ,and more LOVE! ..Worth it, right?
Hence, I hereby decide and call upon ALL who resonate with me ...that lets shake ourselves and Not stay COMFORTABLY NUMB! EXPRESS..EXPRESS ...EXPRESS ....:)
Hope u've covered health insurance though :))!!

Here is a song for those who are..comfortably numb!


Anonymous said...

Hey Avni !

I know u as just an aquaintance , but someone told me about your blog and I read it just today . I must say that you are always known to speak your heart out , and this one is a solid example . I always thought you were to proud and cold to express. But you proved me wrong . Lovely writing ! and thanks for the calling :)

Your friend ,

Janit said...

Sometimes numbness comes from too much emotion too... which is what comfortably numb means for me...

"you talk of emotion and my cup starts overflowing" which is a song by dave matthews... which is the same as finding tranquil in the midst of a loud loud crazy place... you're feeling so much... so many emotions and then suddenly... peace... peace because the emotions no longer have external triggers, they're all inside... thats when the numbness happens to the body, but expression within the soul...

or then again maybe i love the song so much and i just want a a reason to be comfortably numb.